Wytham Estate offers a variety of units from smaller Assisted Living units through to three bedroom homes. Our units have been designed to offer accessibility options and come in two different styles - modern and classic. Scroll down to find out more…

Wytham Estate Development Plan


Priced From R2’995’000.00
+/- 46sqm + 1 Parking Bay

Our entry level units in price, but not in utility – these stylish apartments don’t lack for anything. They are set up as fully functional units with “mod cons” required to live independently – perfect for a couple or single occupant. These units boast the privacy of separate bedroom, bathroom and living spaces. Set above the care personnel office, these units are closest to our care staff - as and when you may require this facility – all just a button press away.

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Priced From R3’495’000.00
+/- 66sqm + 1 Parking Bay

These apartments pack in all the features – setup for single occupancy studio living - they are equipped with a fully functioning kitchen, dining space for a cozy dinner and a full-sized bathroom. Their defining feature is their large outside patio - looking out over the gardens with views up towards Devils Peak, perfectly situated to watch the sun dipping over the mountain while relaxing after a day well spent. Set above the care personnel office, these units are closest to our care staff - as and when you may require this facility – all just a button press away.

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Priced From R4’745’000.00
+/- 80sqm + 1 Parking Bay

Established on the top floor of all three blocks and serviced by a lift, you can zip up from the basement and into your unit. Step out onto your mountain facing patio and drink in the view. These are very spacious one bed units - with their additional headroom giving one a real sense of space. These units have room enough to entertain but are also cozy to snuggle into on a winter’s night in front of the fireplace. Not so secretly, they are some of the design team's favorite units.

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Priced From R5’995’000.00
+/- 100sqm + 1 Parking Bay

Exactly the same footprint of the 2 Bedroom Garden Units below - these units have the space - with none of the garden responsibility. A large sun-facing patio can accommodate a 10-seater table comfortably. There is nothing small about these units. They are set up for comfortable living, with all the features of a home in a beautifully crafted space, set in our stunning Garden Estate.

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Priced From R6’495’000.00
+/- 120sqm + 2 Parking Bays

Once you start adding it up, you realize that these units are closer to homes than apartments in their size – with all the benefits of a house. They include garden space, patios (front and back) and are big enough to be pet friendly. All of this completed by being set in a discerning and secure estate in the heart of the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Adaptable with a few different configurations, there is something here for everyone. Full kitchen, lounge, fireplace and bathrooms – these homes tick all the boxes.

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Priced From R11’495’000.00
+/- 326sqm incl Double Garage

These are full sized family homes – but set up with the luxury of supersized bedrooms and living spaces. Each unit comes with a lift - so they cater for the complete senior living setup. The homes are big enough to have family over for lunch - including space for the grandkids to play in the gardens and then a bedroom for them to sleep in. With a north facing aspect and sun deck, these homes are the best in their class. We have looked far and wide and haven’t found retirement living quite like this anywhere else in South Africa.

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The development has been designed with accessibility in mind, from common areas through to each apartment. The design team included Thompson Adsett, an Australian led firm specialising in Seniors living, in a country with the highest standards for seniors living throughout the world. Starting off with regular apartment configurations as a standard, these can be personalised with added accessibility features according to each owners needs, within the options available.

ACCESSIBLE DESIGN Adaptability Options


With so many choices in our lives nowadays, we did the legwork for you and refined our “look and feel” offering down to two classy but uncompromisingly distinct options. We have both a Classic and a Modern finish for you to choose from. Each completely their own, but both complementary to the design of Wytham Estate. Our finishes are of the highest standard - and having been through many other facilities, we feel that the quality of our offering stands head and shoulders above our competitors. A big statement we are happy to live up to.

CLASSIC STYLE MODERN STYLE Wytham Estate Development Plan