Manor Life is a stand-alone company that specialises in the management and administration of retirement developments. Focused around the three main cores of Service, Hospitality and Care - we mix hotel-like service standards with contemporary first-class dining and managed home-based and primary health care services.


With high touch points across all factors of our guests’ lives, we manage your experience in the estate. From arranging the lift back home from Cavendish Shopping Centre to Wytham Estate, to booking a few extra hours of cleaning in your unit, our front of house management team will efficiently coordinate your requirements.

We integrate technology in a straight-forward but powerful interface which will help to seamlessly weave the whole experience together. Each unit comes standard with built in technology which manages estate communications, ordering meals, reserving transport, booking treatment rooms, making appointments with doctors or physiotherapists and any other ad-hoc requirements which we will offer as part of the service.

Manor Life has a company vision of changing the retirement lifestyle landscape - as we progress into a new era of lifestyle estate living. Our company ethos is to serve our clients in a way that puts them front and center of our offering, knowing that our success is linked to their enjoyment of our managed estate.

By employing the finest service providers in their field, we facilitate and manage the macro environment of the estate - bringing a fresh approach to the table. This is run in parallel with the expertise and experience of our service providers - meaning each sector will get a progressive and premier level of input.

We provide the structure within which this new age of Seniors Living weaves itself into the lives of our guests. We are not looking to reinvent the wheel, but simply to do things better, with our client’s requirements as our guiding philosophy.


Home Cleaning
Our managed cleaning service will take care of all the chores, giving you the time to enjoy the amenities which the estate has to offer.

Although units are equipped for washing machines, we collect, wash and fold as part of the standard service - giving you more time to do the things you want to do.

Linen Change
No more hunting for the corners of the duvet. Once a week we change your linen, rotating in your own set of fresh clean sheets and laundering the old ones.

No more Saturdays with a long DIY list, hiking up ladders, changing light bulbs or dragging the mower out of the garage. We take care of all essential handyman and gardening services.


The one thing we refuse to be is a “jelly & custard” establishment. Our focus on catering will be centered on superior ingredients, selected according to the dietary requirements of our group of residents. With continental spread of breakfast assortments in the morning, harvest table salads and proteins for lunch and simple, quality, ingredient driven dinner courses - food will be a highlight of Wytham Estate.

Our coffees and pastries are sourced from top suppliers, as well as our fine selection of wines, beers and spirits.

Booking a meal at the local? Or a round of golf? Speak to our resident concierge & facilities manager, who will gladly assist you.

Local Transport
Our shuttle service will drop and collect from local locations. A game of tennis followed with a GnT at Kelvin Grove? No problem - just let our friendly concierge know and we’ll arrange transport home for you.

Social Events
Highwick House is the center point of our social hub. A place to meet friends, have lunch with family, or strike up a conversation with whomever is there to watch the game on a Saturday afternoon.

We envisage the following groups which may form according to guest preferences;

  • - Bridge groups
  • - Wine tours and collectors
  • - Gardeners club
  • - Walking & Hiking groups
  • - Yoga/Pilates groups
  • - Book clubs


Our onsite facility will be managed by a specialist company - Medwell. Our standard service will include;

Primary Healthcare
  • - Annual health assessment
  • - Continual monitoring of resident’s health status
  • - Recording of health history
  • - Weekly clinic visits
  • - Emergency home visit
  • - Daytime respite care
  • - Administration of medication

Additional services which will be provided on site at an additional cost incl;

Home based Care
  • - Assisted Daily Living
  • - Wound Care
  • - Frail Care
  • - Professional Medical Practitioners Visits

Frail Care

Manor Life has an “age in place” policy, which means we bring care services like frail care, to you, instead of you going to frail care. Globally there has been a trend towards this type of care offering as it provides a sense of dignity and comfort when it is needed most. Our service provider Medwell has many years of experience in this field and will provide varying levels of service as and when they are required. Should our clients require specific medical care that exceeds the Home Based Care offered on site - then together with Medwell and our client's doctor, we will move our client to a suitable off site facility which will best meet their requirements.

Manor Life currently has an application with City Of Cape Town on a very nearby site called Esterdale. This site comprises a large, high end frail care facility which will provide a world class care offering. Esterdale is still subject to planning rights though, which need to be attained before we can guarantee the delivery of this facility at this stage. We have spoken to various other frail care facilities who can provide this service should Esterdale not go ahead.

24/7 Emergency Service

Call4Care Service - linked with ambulance service.

Kingsbury Hospital - a top rated local hospital is situated 1,5km away.


Our Levy and Life Rights Structure

Our levy is run in a not-for-profit structure. We believe that the benefit which our residents have is that they get great service at the lowest possible cost. This is the long-term benefit of living in our estate. The Deferred Special Levy we charge goes into the Levy Legacy Fund, which is and can only be used exclusively for the improvements and maintenance of Wytham Estate. It cannot be drawn on by the developer, or used to fund anything with a commercial purpose. It is there for the benefit of future site developments and a levy buffering system for any unexpected site expenditures.

Read through our “The Wytham Estate Guide To Life Rights and Levies” below to understand how we look at levies and the benefits of Life Rights.